So, I finally got to spend a day in the language preschool.  It was awesome.  It’s days like these where I think, “Why do I not want to work with children?”  And then I remember I could not possibly do it day after day, week after week.  I like my adorableness fixes in quick shots!

This is actually the second language preschool I have had the opportunity to participate in, so it was interesting to compare and contrast.  For example, there were not clinicians for every child to stalk follow around and work language and articulation goals into each child’s every play moment.  However, there was a circle time that was similarly enriched with some sort of language activity.  Today, that activity happened to be rhyming.  Another similarity was that the children were encouraged to use as complete and grammatically correct sentences as was appropriate for their current level of development.  My favorite aspect of the preschool I visited today was that they cooked their snack, which is something they do pretty frequently.  I think it provides a good, hands-on activity, plus the opportunity to practice sequencing and following simple commands.  In the preschool at my grad school, I wish we had more more cooking activities!  The kids love it and it can be such a language-rich activity.

All in all, I had a fabulous time.  The two groups of kids in the preschool (the morning class and afternoon class) were a friendly bunch and pretty much assimilated me right off the bat, so I got to participate and interact with the children quite a bit.

Coming up:  final day of therapy, final day of evals, Praxis II, writing the thesis, getting read to leave for my hospital externship, really starting to hit those job applications.  I think the reason why my brain feels like it wants to explode is because my brain somehow thinks I should get these all done in the next week.  Not happening.  Now if only I can convince the panicked part of my brain to believe that.