I woke up at ungodly o’clock this morning so I could get to the airport to catch my flight.  I put in my contacts.  Correction:  I put in my right contact and tried to put in my left contact, only to promptly lose it to the bathroom floor gods.   Or perhaps it was the sink gods.  In any case, I could not find it and had to pull out an entirely new contact.  (Luckily, I had an extra left without a mate I could stick in my eye.)

Dressed, shoveled food down my throat, and brushed my teeth.  Out the door!  My wonderful, fabulous friend and roommate who agreed to also get up at ungodly o’clock to drive me to the airport got me there in record time!  I stand in the longest lines I have ever witnessed at this airport lines (I’m not kidding.  I have made it through check-in and security at this airport in under 40 minutes on two occasions.  At Christmas.) I suddenly realized while standing there, that I probably left my toothbrush back on the sink.  Well damn.  I texted my roommate to confirm, and she texted me back that it was sitting there on the sink.

Yet another thing to add to my “To Buy” list once I get settled in.  (I also was looking at the notes I took from my landlady on what I needed to bring and saw the words “need towels.”  I did not bring towels.  I do not remember talking about needing to bring my own towels.  Major FAIL on my part if I do.  I feel like I would have remembered something salient and important like TOWELS as something I should bring, but maybe not.)  I have bought some one-use brushes from the airport since I’m not entirely sure when I will make it to a store (cue: PANIC.  Like I’m not already feeling PANIC at the thought of starting my new internship.  Need to focus on taking things one at a time.  Not to mention how isn’t it amazing that the tiniest things set off PANIC?)

Presently, I am tired (and cold) and looking forward to trying to sleep again on the plane.  I can’t focus on any of the books I brought with me to read, and when I briefly considered reviewing my chewing muscles and nerves, what remains of my rational brain said, “Yeah. Uhuh.  Sure.”  Instead I’ve been staring blankly out the window and nodding off over my backpack.  Oh, to not feel completely freaked out and have a complete night’s rest!


I did end up sleeping on the plane, and then most of the rest of the bus ride to my current place of residence, which will from now on be called Hill.  My landlady (henceforth referred to as L) kindly made us supper and then let me fall straight into my bed.  It’s been awhile since I’ve slept twelve hours.  I feel much better now, and even explored around the neighborhood some, although I am still too tired to go very far.  Perhaps I will explore more in the afternoon.

I am much less panicked now (still need a proper toothbrush, but not towels…small victories), but fully expect to feel panic again Sunday evening before my hospital externship actually starts.  In the meantime, I aim to work on my thesis some more, as I realized the end of the month is closing in and I loathe being rushed.  Also, I need to work on the job applications (!) I want to submit in the coming week.  Allons-y!