Approximately 13 hours until my hospital internship starts.  While I am by no means the mess I was while I was traveling (see:  previous post), I still definitely feel a nervousness that I did not feel for my school internship.  I don’t know if it’s because I had met my supervisor before starting my school internship, or that I really want to work with adults and in hospitals, or what, but I am quite antsy.  I’m trying to remember when I wanted to not screw up this badly.  Hm, probably on that phonology presentation I gave last semester where I apologized to the whole class for a stumbling start because I was “kind of nervous.”

And geez, I even know what’s coming tomorrow.  It’s all orientation to hospital policy things and they sent me an outline of what that would entail…and yet I envision sleeping poorly tonight.

In any case, over the past couple days I have worked on adding things to the literature review section of my thesis, subject section, and procedures section.  I’m hoping to go over and edit it with fresh eyes Monday and/or Tuesday and then email it off to my supervisor before the month is out.

Today I also:

  • reviewed the sections of the Boston Diagnostic Aphasia Exam (BDAE)  (it has the most unintuitive and cumbersome marking for the naming section; since when does “v” represent “semantic paraphasia”?)
  • reviewed the scoring for the Ross Information Processing Assessment (RIPA) (more intuitive, still somewhat cumbersome)
  • the muscles and nerves for swallowing (it’s almost like I think there will be a test the first day)
  • reviewed the 8 levels of the Ranchos Los Amigos Levels of Cognitive Functioning Scale (Ranchos scale)
  • reviewed the scoring and levels of the Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS)
  • packed my purse with the paperwork for my Clinical Instructor (CI), my paperwork for the hospital, my clipboard, my stopwatch, my flashlight, some paper, some pens, and gum
  • made the sandwich to take to work tomorrow

Yes, the life of a SLPing intern is filled with excitement!  Perhaps more thrilling tales after tomorrow….