Some weeks just come up to you and punch you in the face. I still don’t know what happened, but I know I have a lot of planning to do.

It’s been a wacky up/down week. The main issue I need to solve (or in Type-A-Personality-Speak: Organize, organize, organize), is how to better manage my now bulging out-patient schedule. (Which, of course, immediately defies it’s own immensity by having half of my patients no-show today. But…that’s probably a rant for another post. My fellow out-patient SLPs can relate, I’m sure.)

I have a few patients who require additional set-up and break-down time and I am struggling to work this into my schedule without throwing off other parts of my schedule that are already established.  Plus I need to find some very simple hands-on craft activities and learn All The Baby Signs. ALL OF THEM.

Did I mention this week punched me in the face? Time to spend part of the weekend brainstorm ideas. And then maybe blogging about them.