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You can get the full run-down at the ASHA website, but the basic run-down is that Congress wants to cut funding for IDEA because…I don’t know. It creates jobs or something? Early intervention probably isn’t important anyway, right? Or maybe it’s because public schools are drowning in a sea of cash.

In any case, it’s cutting funding for school programs that usually need more money, not less. Oh, and keeps us employed.

So go write to your Senator and/or Representative!


I am writing a masters thesis.  Sometimes this is awesome.  Sometimes this is less awesome.  I am finishing running subjects over the next couple weeks, then it will be time to analyze the data, write it up, and then defend it.

This, of course, cannot all be accomplished before I leave for my out of state hospital externship in less than four weeks (and I’m not expected to complete it all).  I am feeling the time crunch, though, in running back from my school externship to run subjects at my dear old department.  (My building saw fit to welcome me back by jamming everything I tried to print.)  It is nowhere near as hectic as my time spent as a graduate student and clinician.  I am trying, however, to cram in both as many hours at my school externship while still having enough time to drive back to university.  (Thanks inclement weather!)

I am ready to get to the writing-the-thesis bit.

Today’s post was brought to you by the emotions Anxiety and Worry.  In a few days, a post with actual substance and thought will presented on my experiences with the SLP who works with children with more severe disorders.

In the meantime, go forth and sign a letter to your local members of Congress about Medicare therapy caps!  It’s easy, it’s fast, and it advocates for better patient care and your future as a SLP.