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I passed the Praxis II!  I didn’t think I had failed, but it’s nice to know for certain.  I did have a bad five minutes when I thought I hadn’t sent my scores to ASHA, though.

In any case, a post of actual substance will be forthcoming once I’m not avoiding my thesis by applying to jobs and the jobs I’m applying for don’t eat my online application right after I hit the “send” button and am instead writing a blog post to avoid my thesis.  I thought I’d talk about the documentation here at the hospital, and maybe a post about the out patient side of the hospital.  I generally do in patient with CI, but I’m spending the week with T who has more out patients.  They are two pretty different things, and I know when I started grad school and people started asking Where in a hospital I wanted to work I looked at them like they were crazy.  Didn’t hospital cover the Where?  It’s valuable information, I think, for choosing internships, not to mention the job thing.  Of course, you may not really know until you actually experience it.  Luckily, I’m enjoying in patient, which I wasn’t sure would be the case.  (Of course, now I’m wondering if I could really work out patient all the time….  Augh!  Decisions!)


Yesterday, I arrived obscenely early at the testing site to take the Praxis II.  I had my roommate drop me off before she did our weekly grocery shopping and then quickly found the floor and room in which we would be testing.  I had heard the building was a bit of a maze and wanted time to find the right room.  (Un?)Fortunately there were signs everywhere directing you to the appropriate testing area so I went directly to the room and waited around for half an hour.  Quite a few of my classmates were taking the exam that day, too, so when they arrived we chatted and hung out.

It was finally time to check out when the proctors for the test emerged from the room and announced that we could not bring our cell phones into the room (a recent new rule by our friends at ETS.)  Dismay all around.  Quite a few of us had been dropped off and so could not run back to our cars to stash our cell phones.  Additionally, the closest parking garage was about 7 minutes away.  Luckily, one of my friends had driven and was kind enough to take my cell phone and stash it in her car.  Several of the other people testing (it wasn’t just SLPs in the testing room) were generous as well, and everyone managed to pawn off their phone to someone to keep for the duration of our test.  We were pretty upset, of course, since we had not been told of this in advance (Thanks ETS!).  So, all of you taking the Praxis II in the coming months:  LEAVE YOUR CELL PHONES BEHIND. (And complain to ETS if you get the chance.)

Not an auspicious beginning.  Nevertheless, we all got checked in sans cell phones and the testing began.  Overall, I feel pretty good about it.  For those of you who have yet to take the Praxis II and might be worrying about it, let me say this:  If you have confidence in what you have retained from your graduate classes and/or have passed your graduate program’s comprehensive exams, don’t worry, you’ll do fine.  I wouldn’t freak out and study like crazy.  I reviewed a couple areas where I thought I was kind of weak in about two hours the night before the test.  Of course, I won’t know my actual scores for about a month.  I’ll let you know if I pass and if my wisdom remains wisdom when the scores come in.

At the very least:  DON’T PANIC.  It’s really not that bad.

A few other points of interest regarding the Praxis II:

  • LEAVE YOUR CELL PHONES BEHIND (already stated above, but worth the second mention)
  • bring your own #2 (NOT MECHANICAL) pencils
  • have your ticket with you
  • have a valid ID with your picture, name, and address
  • when you print your ticket, make absolutely sure that name matches the one on your ID (that it’s not misspelled, not a nickname), otherwise they won’t let you in


I haven’t posted in a while because I’ve been experiencing quite a lot of panic in the last week.  I feel things can best be explained in list form, so.

  1. Desperately getting hours in at the schools
  2. Running a slightly more difficult and demanding subject
  3. Trying to schedule a third subject
  4. Realizing there is only so much insanity a girl can take and NOT scheduling a third subject since timing wasn’t working out
  5. Getting all my papers from my hospital to fill out, including the expectations for the next 10 weeks (the paperwork alone is worth its own post; I’ll work on that)
  6. Having an eye appointment so I can now order contacts before I run out
  7. General panic over my thesis
  8. General panic over my hospital internship
  9. General panic over the Praxis II (note to all reading:  the downloadable program ETS offers you for $24 is not Mac compatible.  Save your money.)
  10. Trying to organize/pack/get rid of stuff before going on my hospital internship
  11. Running around like a chicken with its head cut off (this is a favorite past time of mine, I’m ashamed to admit)

What can I say?  The insanity is my own doing.  On the up side, I am now back to making detailed T Do lists to follow.

Ever since I posted explaining the kinds of games my supervisor frequently uses, I’ve been going crazy preparing some of my own.  I had really been enjoying the time off from making materials, but suddenly, the seriousness of preparing for the many sessions I am now leading hit me.  And I aim to be a pretty awesome intern, not a terrible one, so off I went, prepping like mad for my sessions and finding stuff to print and color for activities.

This weekend, I have made matching frogs, colored sequencing cards, made simple commands cards, created a simple rhyme PowerPoint, and printed about four other activities that need to be colored and cut (I plan to color the umbrellas today).  Whew!  I really need to start laminating this stuff.

I secretly think I’m trying to channel the nervous energy I feel about 1) my thesis (I have no idea where it’s going right now), 2) getting ready for my hospital externship.  My hospital is out-of-state, and while I now have a place to live (a major victory!) I’m trying to get everything else in order for it although they have yet to finalize the contact (I try not to think about this), and 3) the PRAXIS II.  I went ahead a scheduled it for March because I want to get it done before I leave for my hospital externship and who knows where I’ll be going when I get back.  (Hopefully I will have a job!)  I’m now trying to force my brain back into study mode, when it quite happily went on no-study mode for Christmas break and externs.  Whoops.

I will take this moment to generate a To Do list for next week.  (I’ve also stopped consistently making a To Do list since going on extern.  This is probably another reason I feel stressed when there’s actually not a lot to accomplish.)

To Do:

  • E-mail my thesis advisor
  • E-mail my future landlady
  • Buy a plane ticket (???  I keep waffling on this)
  • Laminate all finished materials
  • Continue typing up school notes
  • Continue studying for PRAXIS II
  • Re-post my desk as For Sale
  • Clean and re-organize my room (losing furniture really increases the chaos)